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Shunk 125th Anniversary Pictures

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Concert and Spaghetti Dinner at St. John's 

Pastor Jerry graduates from Course of Study at Methodist Theological School in Ohio! 

Lauren Bissonnette performs "The Lord's Prayer" from our 5th Sunday Service, Destination Paradise. 

Michael Carl and Sharon Jones blessed us with their talents on May 9, 2013. (Here they are hard at work during rehearsal).

Watch them perform"O Solo Mio" below:

 Congratulations to  lay speakers, Lauren Bissonnette and Kitty Keller for completing Local Pastor Licensing School! 


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 Circuit Rider 2016- 2017 Back Issues

(to obtain issues from 2013-2015, please contact the parish office)

CR January 2016.pdf CR January 2016.pdf
Size : 3611.643 Kb
Type : pdf
CR February 2016.pdf CR February 2016.pdf
Size : 2055.31 Kb
Type : pdf
CRMarch 2016.pdf CRMarch 2016.pdf
Size : 1891.934 Kb
Type : pdf
CRApril 2016.pdf CRApril 2016.pdf
Size : 1666.873 Kb
Type : pdf
CRMay2016.pdf CRMay2016.pdf
Size : 1923.204 Kb
Type : pdf
CRJune2016.pdf CRJune2016.pdf
Size : 1433.649 Kb
Type : pdf
CRJuly2016.pdf CRJuly2016.pdf
Size : 1885.763 Kb
Type : pdf
CRAugust2016fordistribution.pdf CRAugust2016fordistribution.pdf
Size : 1644.756 Kb
Type : pdf
CRSeptember2016fordistribution.pdf CRSeptember2016fordistribution.pdf
Size : 2270.174 Kb
Type : pdf
CROctober2016fordistribution.pdf CROctober2016fordistribution.pdf
Size : 2932.047 Kb
Type : pdf
CRNovember2016fordistribution.pdf CRNovember2016fordistribution.pdf
Size : 2440.77 Kb
Type : pdf
CRDecember2016.pdf CRDecember2016.pdf
Size : 2159.328 Kb
Type : pdf
CRJanuary2017.pdf CRJanuary2017.pdf
Size : 2772.436 Kb
Type : pdf
CRFebruary2017fordistribution.pdf CRFebruary2017fordistribution.pdf
Size : 2869.309 Kb
Type : pdf
CRMarch2017fordistribution.pdf CRMarch2017fordistribution.pdf
Size : 1459.37 Kb
Type : pdf
CRApril2017.pdf CRApril2017.pdf
Size : 1765.913 Kb
Type : pdf
CRMay2017fordistribution.pdf CRMay2017fordistribution.pdf
Size : 1540.058 Kb
Type : pdf
CRJune 2017.pdf CRJune 2017.pdf
Size : 2118.456 Kb
Type : pdf
CRJuly 2017.pdf CRJuly 2017.pdf
Size : 2307.585 Kb
Type : pdf
CRAugust2017.pdf CRAugust2017.pdf
Size : 2319.713 Kb
Type : pdf
CRSeptember2017.pdf CRSeptember2017.pdf
Size : 1826.663 Kb
Type : pdf

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